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  • Product name: Triangle Tube Seamless
  • Product number: T70 Triangular tube
  • Shelves time: 2011-10-10
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T70 Triangular Tube


The product status


Material: ST52/Q345B/SAE1045

SIZE: Outer tube: 53.6*3.8

           Inner tube:44.7*5.5

Application:  rotary cultivator

Process: Cold drawing

Country of origin: china


HS code:7304319000

Test: 100% Visual check,desk checking

Straightness: 1mm-1.5mm/Meter





Packing Condition


Hebei Province Gold Mysterious Pipe Co., Ltd,Has years of experience in manufacturing triangular tube, products are exported to all over the world, Ukraine, India, Brazil, Mexico and other customers love, packaging or packaging according to customer's requirement.
Our packing for several:
A.     10 sets/bundle, the length of cutting is numerical control automatic cutting machine cutting, high precision, tolerance of 1 mm length.Outside with woven bag packing, the weight of each bundle according to clients' different requirements, 14 inch is 35.5 kg, 16 inch is 41 kg around.This kind of packing, convenient and flexible length is the final size of customers to use, can use at any time according to order quantity.                
The disadvantage is that delivery time is slow, the price is expensive.
B.       Another kind is within 5.8 meters in length, the length of the product production and packing time is very fast, fast delivery time.And the price is cheap, convenient and load the container.For big orders for the customer to choose.                                                             
C.       Use tray or steel frame, this kind of packing is convenient and improve the efficiency of loading and unloading, but the packaging cost is relatively high.
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