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<>Perforating equipments:Contain 1 set of φ50 enhanced automatic Perfarating equipments and 1 set of φ40 automatic perforating equipments,can process various specifications pipes with OD 40mm-85mm and wall thickness2.8mm-15mm.

Cold drawing machine:Contain 2 set 10-ton chain cold-drawn machine,2 sets 15-ton chain set 65-ton chain cold-drawn machine,can achieve the production of various types of seamless steeltubes in diameter 8mm-110mm & wall thickness 1mm-14mm.

Finish-rollde equipments:Contain 8 set of LG30 type 2-roller cold-rolling mill,4 sets of LG40 type 2-roller cold-rolling mill,1 set of LG50 2-roller cold-rolling mill,can produce various seamless steel tubes & special shape steel with outer diameter 20mm-60mm,wall thickness 2mm-12mm.

Heat Treatment Equipment:1 set roller type continuously heat treatment fumace,can annealing & normalizing all kinds of steel pipes.The performance of steel will be improved ofter the heat treatment.

Finshing Equipments:Contains 1set of GJφ20..-φ80mm pipe straightening machine,1 set of GJφ50mm pipe straightening machine and 1 set GJφ6mm-12mm pipe straighewning machine,can straighten all kinds of round specifications shaped pipes between OD 6mm-80mm and thickness 1mm-12mm.